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Slimming Coffee
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Miracle Slimming Coffee
Slimming Coffee for Safe Weight Loss
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Miracle Slimming Coffee


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Miracle Slimming Coffee

[Efficacy]: taste fragrant, abdomen shrink waist, Body plastic!,
Instant coffee, chitin / chitosan, formic acid, chromium, garcinia rind Su, Guarana, Rose Tea, Lime leaf, vitamin B3, B6, VC.
Registered patent formula - 100% natural ingredients, a combination of:  Chitin / Chitosan (Chitosan) - effectively absorb lipid from food to reduce stomach sugar, fat absorption, reduce the lipid into the blood system. Garcinia rind Su (Garcina Cambogia) - help to contain carbohydrates are converted into or stored as fat. Guarana (Guarana) - supply and restocking of the everyday needs of the body the basic energy.
Acid Chromium (Chromium Picolinate) - to help regulate fat, sugar, carbohydrate and protein metabolism.
Rose Tea (Rrugosa Tea) - tastes sweet, you can speed up the metabolism Metro to help the toxins emitted, the overall effect of slimming slimming more obvious Bodhi leaf (Tilia Europaea) - break down fat wonderful effect, help the body of waste discharges, calm nerves, regulate the effect of sleep
[Specification]: 20 bags / box
[Taking method]: Taking time every morning, every time a package, at the breakfast or the 15 minutes before meals; to a bag of coffee into a glass container or plastic container, then poured into 100ml of hot water, stir evenly can drink.
[Weight loss]: General public to take a week can reduce weight, 5 pounds, people wishing to speed up the results, please exercise proper control diet or increase, a better effect; can not be incremental to two packets a day.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 23 December, 2010.

  • Charles Guarnieri

    I like most dieters have tried all sorts of magic products to drop the extra pounds. I started taking slimming coffee about 3 weeks ago eating what I normally eat and I am proud to say that I have lost 3 pounds. That may not sound like a big deal but to me it is BIG.The company stands behind their products and the fact they sent a free 30 day supply of the extract didn't hurt either
  • Betty

    when i started with the product I weighed 260 pounds, with exercise and the pills i have gone down to 240. its a slow process but its working for me. and one more thing i have not changed my food intake. try out
  • T. Robinson

    I've been trying to lose weight forever and this definitely gave me the boost I needed! I couple this with garcinia cambogia and the pounds just keep falling off! I tried just the garcinia at first and lost about 10 pounds in 2 1/2 months....but once I added slimming coffee, I've doubled my weight loss in just a month. It does come off slowly, but with "relatively" healthy diet and some exercise I'm losing 1-2 pounds a week.
  • Pepper

    This product is an answer to prayers. I have had an extremely hard time losing weight since menopause. I gained weight going to Weight Watchers. I asked my family doctor for help and all I got was a low fat diet plan. (Like I hadn't tried that already) If I was a smoker I could have gotten plenty of help to quit. I was so discouraged I had given up. Then my daughter got me to try the coffee. All I can say is that it is working for me. The coffee curb my appetite and I am losing weight. I am very happy.